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technology partners, our communications partners, our department leaders, new ones as well as old ones, are saying this is just the beginning. this is literally the beginning of a continued effort to innovate, innovate, and innovate. and i like what mark said. not only are there no strings attached. really the benefits are targeted at our residents and our visitors, but that the only thing we're going to see is wireless connected to our fiber. we're learning that. we're learning that our fine and some of the backbones that we've always had to depend on can be improved on. i have to admit, the new director will also tell you we are behind. i call our self-the innovation capital of the world, but we're behind in many ways and we need to catch up. we need to do more, but sometimes the funding wasn't there and it costs more than we think and we're trying to figure things out and trying to get as modern as fast as we can. and this is where i think that relationship with the private sector, particularly with our technology and innovative companies in san francisco is so important to us, that
and that will be live google plus streamed. all sorts of fun technology. but before the publication of her book, and the subsequent film, this was probably one of the most famous compositions by verm ere, certainly the most famous, and has three paintings and i love that the way that the clouds hang so low and it is actually much darker on my screen, but this kind of balance between the rain clouds and the white pufffy clouds and the way that they interacts with the buildings in the city. this competes with two other paintings in the exhibition and i will not say which ones they are and it competes for my favorite painting in the exhibition it is view of harlem with bleaching grounds in the foregrounds and one of the most important innovations for the 17th century, dutch landscape painters was the way that they approached the sky. for any of you who have traveled to the netherlands you know that there is a low horizon line and i have been told that the dutch people and i can be corrected. that they call their clouds the dutch mountains because the landscape is so low that really you get these m
and this is really to me a technology geek's really dream, is to have all of this data available so that we can mine them in different ways and very creative ways. and i want to say, again, as someone who has worked in government for 23 years, i've been at those departments like dpw and others where we think in one dimension. this is where we clean the streets. this is how often we clean it. this is when we tell the cars to move off. and this is what dpw does and it does it pretty well within that constraint. if you shared that data with companies who are looking at where do people live, how -- what their patterns are, we can get a lot more creative. when we open our data, when we suggest to departments that they can work in collaboration, when we open up and establish within our city contracts that the companies that do service for us do not own the data that they generate from us, that they will have a contractual obligation to share that with the city so that we can mine that to the rest of the city, that's advance of opportunities for everybody. i know at the heart of sharing this data, there is
cities. we are forming new partnerships for the very technology industry companies that are beginning and have been locating here in san francisco to help us create the new workforce. because if we don't can certainly create that workforce it'll be created by somebody else for other people. so we formed a training row graham in 19 san francisco residents of diverse backgrounds to the jobs in the tech sector called tech sf. they've already began to enroll their graduates into the very technology company that are successfully locating here in the city. as i said earlier, were making progress in our public school system. test scores are at an all-time high in truancy is down in our school district, where one of the highest performance entities in the state broadly satisfied with that because we know ours middle schools are not good enough. were going to get the good were going to get to parental engagement in our middle schools. that's where the downfall that the two lindsay is at. we will help them to exceed. we will deliver even more resources and tax. in fact, this year the city of sa
've continued our cell 7 technology video. beautiful new eastern span going to make history. abc 7 news joins us live now. allen? 50 yeah. broken materials here in pleasanton is -- supplying asphalt for the nur bridge. elevateors behind me going to take clouds of rocks and expand mix it to create the asphalt. from here, it's a 37 mile wide down what is expected to be a very congested route. hundreds of tons of as fault. >> we want to get as much done before closure as we can. >> between friday, sunday, more than 6,000 truck loads will travel down i 580 during commute hours. >> we get back into night time hours traffic for these will be diverted back to 238 and 880. so only during peak hours will trucks be on 580 route autos roads expected to be congest sod caltrans will be monitoring traffic from command center, they can reroute necessary. >> it's to give people on the ground eyes in the sky to help them do their job. >> but first order of business tonight1p:& is demolition. crews making way to a new path to the new east span. >> they need to grind a path and have sat the tunnel. >> they'll by t
updates from the roads using cell 7 technology. abc7 news is on the move on the san mateo bridge which will be familiar for commuters for five difficulties. dick? >> eastbound on the bay bridge traffic is light and moving well. on highway 101 morning and southbound moving at the speed limit and traffic is light from south san francisco to the 101/ 92 interchange. >> thank you, dick. there is a convoy of trucks on interstate 580 during the compute hours with 6,000 truckloads of asphalt maybing the new bridge that could bring congestion to the roads. traffic will be monitored. the convoy of trucks can be rerouted if necessary. the asphalt trucks are diverted back to 880 overnight. >> despite the closure a bride and grandmother are moving ahead with plans to get married on treasure island and preparations are underway for the wedding planned months ago. treasure island weddings are a specialty with a million dollar view. the couple was shocked when they learned the bridge would be closed but caltran is providing access passes from treasure island to san francisco for the wedding party. we
anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for >> so, we're just going to take you through this really quickly. over 200 parks, over 1100 facilities are all contained within this. everything is based around you as a human being have
technologies, but they're things that are enough proven you should take a bit of a risk and you should show others it can be done. >> we're showing the world, suddenly had wind turbines which they didn't have before. so, our team realizing that time would change, and realizing where the opportunities were today, we said, you know what, we started out as really something to control wind as an asset, when you combine today's technology becomes something entirely different. >> wind turbines in an urban environment is a relatively new concept. there are a few buildings in other major cities where they have installed wind turbines on the roof. and wind turbines in buildings are effective. >> the discussion was do we do that or not? and the answer was, of course. if they're not perfect yet, they're building a building that will last 100 years. in 100 years someone is going to perfect wind efficient turbines. if these aren't right, we'll replace them. we have time to do that. >> the building that's two renewable energy generations. wind turbines located on the north facade. two different levels of
to sell them technology. he wants the reactors back home back working and to build more. it's a economic necessity. >> they're building many new nuclear power plants and trying to export the technology. but it's inferior to japanese technology. >> reporter: japan can market itself as learning from its mistakes, but abe said the discovery of new radiation leaks will turn many japanese against nuclear power again. >> they're leaking like sievs, if you like, and people are rethinking their rethought positions. public opinion is really, really fragile 1234 but the japanese economy is fragile, too. fossil fuel imported to replace nuclear power is costing japan $40 billion a year. japanese will have to decide which is more expensive. fixes the nuclear energy or living without it. al jazeera, tokyo. >> new mexico's most populous county issuing same-sex marriage licenses. after the state district court rules it constitutional. find out why the legal battle for marriage equality in new mexico is just beginning. >>> it's just one of the ancient pieces of art that is porcelain. it can be yours for
schools and be ready in the science and technology or other fields of that era? will they be able to interact, appreciate and love and more diverse setting than we've ever seen before? our job today is for the answer and 2029 to be not just, yes we can, but yes, we did. it is now my honor to introduce the mayor of our great city and county of san francisco, and lee. i've known him and admired him since his days as a civil rights attorney at the asian law caucus. mayor lee has worked hard to keep the economy and economic recovery on track. to create jobs for our residents. mayor lee keeps his focus on making san francisco a city that celebrates diversity and leads the way in job creation innovation, education, healthcare, and the environment for future generations. mayor lee began his career in civil rights as a community activist. he later served as director of our san francisco human rights commission fighting for people who weren't able to have their voices heard. now as mayor, he continues the fight closing people i implement programs and services that help our most vulnerable
world reports. >> reporter: the l-0 uses a technology to race over long distances at superfast speeds. it's called superconducting magnetic levation. officials have just opened a new track for test runs in central japan. it's nearly 43 kilometers long. commercial service isn't scheduled to begin until 2027. once the train is up and running it will take people from tokyo to nagoya in just 40 minutes. one hour less than a bullet train trip. >> translator: i was impressed by the speed and its quietness surprised me. >> translator: the train will make it much easier to get around. i'm excited. >> translator: the l-0 will drastically change japan's economy and society. this technology will help propel japan ahead in the world. >> reporter: engineers first began working on the train nearly half a century ago. they've kept at it ever since. in 2003, a prototype reached 581 kilometers per hour, a record that still stands. special magnets hold the key to the train's speed. the l-0 has superconducting electromagnets along the outside. they make it possible for the train to levitate and raise al
♪ >> the hottest tech trend out there perhaps is the cloud, a truly disruptive technology that is crushing traditional hardware based tech firms as well as old fashioned software firms that can't compete in a crowd computing world. lately, we heard it has gone 's synonymous with this theme, that is salesforce.com, crm for you home gamers. the service provides businesses with applications they need to manage sales, services, marketing, customer relations and much more. this stock is giving you a 667 gain since the visionary ceo came back on november, 28, right in the midst of the financial crisis, he told us everything would be okay. they reported a 2% earning fee off a 7% basis. revenues came in higher than anticipated. referred revenue up and the company raised its revenue begins for 2013 4 billion or more. the co-founder chairman, ceo, salesforce.com, find out more about the quarter and its prospects, mr. benya. thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> we see accelerating growth, accelerating your go ahead, too, all the way up to $4 billion. what happened this quarte
mostly by how different things are now. the technology is such a you can get a flash mob to show up if you want but 1963 you get 200,000 people back to the mall and you would be below horned. organizing was remarkable and that to me -- i would like people to understand the enormity of that. >> a very short time a group of people came together because they believe in something. and they put together the most unbelievable moment in american history. >> on the march on washington to go forward but the young people who want to be journalists tuesday that they have an obligation to cover poverty, to cover race, to go deeper and find the real story. >> we are missing the pbs video documentary on the march tonight because we would rather be here. >> will be on line. >> look at it and see the people that came to the march. these are ordinary men and women dressed like they are going to church and they believe they are going to church. >> i think that the world came together around an idea that all men, and we soon added women and children, gay lesbian and children are created equal so it cr
by envision education, incorporated of its metropolitan arts and technology charter school, effective august 1st, 2013. roll call, please, ms. [speaker not understood]. yes, difficult need a motion. thank you. >> second. >> thank you. i heard motion and i just went right on. thank you for the second, vice president fewer. roll call please ms. castro. >> thank you. mr. logan? >> yes. >> ms. fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> ms. maufas? >> yes. >> ms. mendoza? >> yes. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> ms. wynns? >> aye. >> thank you. [speaker not understood]? >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> now i'd hear a motion for 138-13 sp2 which is the resolution to accept the voluntary closure by envision of metropolitan arts and technology charter school effective august 1st, 2013. motion and a second. >> moved. >> second. >> thank you. may you please read the recommendation, mr. davis? >> yes, i will, thank you, president norton. superintendent's proposal 138-13 sp2 accept the voluntary closure by envision education, incorporated, of its metropolitan arts & technology charter school effective august 1st 2013 whereas
. brazil is eager to receive investment in technology to create jobs. but it is open to provide loans. the brazilian development bank has very crude conditions to provide loans for companies that want to invest in brazil. that is not a problem, but what we really want is to have investment in brazil to create jobs. i want to be clear about this area. i understand about brazilian policy, about investments in brazil. we really want companies to produce in brazil. why is that? we are really worried about the quality of -- the quality of employment in brazil. that is the reason. >> we will continue in another part of the program. we need to take the first break. i will be right back. >> welcome back to the second part of today's row gram. i am your host. we will continue the conversation with the current deputy director of the commercial office of resilient taipei. might apologize -- my apologies for interrupting you earlier. let us get back to the concept which i am very interested in, the equality of employment in brazil. >> as i explained, sometimes there is a misconception about the b
center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. i'm, like, totally not down with change. but i had to change to bounce dryer bars. one bar freshens more loads than these two bottles. i am so gonna tell everyone. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] time for change! >> 23 minutes past the hour. hello, everybody. this is your fox news minute. the giant wildfire near yosemite national park grew by several hundred acres overnight, but that is a relatively small increase compared to recent days. it has burned more than 300 acres and containment only at 30%. the obama administration is announcing two new steps on gun control which will not require congressional approval. it will curb the impact of surplus weapons. the ministration proposing a closer loophole allowing certain weapons reregistered to corporations without background checks. gun legislation collapsed in congress earlier this year. good news for some runners, in the field at the boston marathon will be larger ne
cell seven technology. our news engineer is on the move at the san mateo bridge toll plaza -- no, richmond-san rafael bridge. what do you see? >> so far, the ride on 580, westbound, through the toll plaza of the san rafael richmond bridge is moving at the speed limit and traffic could be heavier than normal but no problems to report. i checked out the ride through emeryville and berkeley and both directions of highway 80 are looking good and the interchange that splits off on 580 westbound to go over the san rafael richmond bridge is looking good and i am just getting on the bridge now and so far the traffic is looking good in this direction and the other correction so we will see if that changes. >> there is a convoy of trucks on interstate 580 during the commute and a company is turning out 6,000 truckloads of asphalt to pave the new bay bridge and could be congested so caltran will monitor traffic at the command center. they can reroute the convoy of trucks if needed and officials say the trucks are diverted back to 880 and highway 238 dug overnight hours. >> who says caltran
the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. >> well, i think to be honest, russian and chinese, these are authoritarian governments. this is a client state. they are worried about, the only thing chinese care about is continuing access to oil supplies out of the region. syria is not much importance to any of us in terms of national security. i think they are symbolic. they will halt legitimacy through the u.n. they won't oppose us on the ground. the question will be, if we pull off this strike with 200 tomahawks some time this weekend, what's the likely outcome? it is unpredictable. unlikely to be good. you want to use military power and tell the u.s. air force and navy, you've got 60 days to bring down the assad regime, they'll do it. there's no question. then we will live with the follow-on war in which they try and eliminate the christians, the -- et cetera. >> thank you for your thoughts today. >> thank you. >> bill, not a lot of good options f
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for such an over burdened department undergoing this great technological change. why has it taken so long? when can a permanent director be in place? there is a big backlog of unresolved building violations. and you, saw the press about 308 turk regarding these. and the district attorney office has even formed a special multidepartment committee. something in the process is broken and stuck and there is something that needs to be fixed and abatement appeals board this morning heard two sets of notice of violations dating to 2009. and so, we also noted all of the tao*uls tools available have not been used, enforcement has not been consistent and fees and costs consistently collected. this sends a dangerous message, and could smack of favoritism or that those who could afford the attorneys can get better treatment than those who can't. >> the excellent technology will only provide its benefits which are many, if the people are fully trained and the system is fully embraced by management. all management. and what where we sympathize, the department has been so busy keeping its head above water, that a
. the technology network in san jose who made this a crucial project. i want to call out a thanks to or tactical team. we know how to make it small, not over 150 feet in the air. we have a studio, zone engineering and i have to say thanks to hmr who has been a rock star and directly one of the reasons this is happening. an extremely talented project. thank you all. i also want to just take a moment to really acknowledge that while leo and i have done a lot of things m in this world, we would not be able to do it alone. there is only one person responsible for this project and that is executive director of the arts. luminarias. i can go on and on. i think i will throughout the night. do know that she's a special person and this entire community owes her a debt of gratitude. i want to thank leo and his family for bringing the level of artistic integrity for this work that somehow slipped through the progress of a work of contemporary art parallel in art history. it has everything to do with leo and our interpretations with our discussion and that one minute that transformed how people will be rec
project and i'm going to let rose blooming explain this. it's a new technology used to connected with clients. so as we continue to be innovative we're participating with other. go ahead rose >> thanks. so you won't be surprised to here like all of you i'm here to help our community. but i'm here to a launch my start up so here's the launch. yeah. (clapping) >> hand up is a new hand up program it lets you sdmoot directly to folks using a text message and it can only be used for food and clothing through project connect (clapping) so we're going to be signing up about 70 people today and you can invite their profiles it's hand up dot us our website. i'd like to thank mr. dusty and the mayor's office of innovation and the mayor thank you. i want to thank our start up inincubator and, of course, project homeless connection our partners and people who are putting together this incredible event so give an applause for them too. thanks guys check us out on line. who wants the shirts >> thank you all go ahead and stay seated for the volunteer training. i'll be here so stop by and say
we can do business exporting. >> we have very hi-technology, so there's a lot of technology embodies in our products. one thing we are really good at is exporting hi-tech machines. caterpillar, tractors things like that. medical equipment. there's a lot of demand for it. >> ken, stray right where you are, in a few minutes he return to ken. we are going to exam america's crumbling infrastructure, and what the return would be on fixing it. and we will get up close and personal with big bert helicoptersa. but is it worth it. >> so you have a structure that is very much at risk. it manages over 100,000 vehicles a day. and has huge economic impacts to the region if it was to fail any further. that story and much more as real money continues. keep it here. wouldn't believe there is a farm inside of it. ♪ . >> america's infrastructure gets a d plus. according to the latest report card put owe by the american society of civil engineers. seven the roadways in particular get a d. an estimated four four% of the major highways are clogged with traffic. now the society says that the sorry state
to do with human technology. so thinking about new ways of organizing people, so the bright more alliance, bringing together a coalition of many different organizations to really focus on development is asking the residents what it is that they want. and that sort of organizational invasion is stuff that you really have to be on the ground. and be with the people in order to see. it is the human technology. what are new way ways to organio we can create more resilient. >> similar question to you, because i'm interested in the color here, of what is going on. talk about your favorite projects. things you have seen emerge that you are excited about? >> you know, it is going to take a lot to tun things around. definitely have to do some things to improve our school systems. what are some of the projects you are excited about? things people can point to and say it is amazing and happening now? >> so there's some interesting partnerships that we are working on right now. so help businesses, thrive in the neighborhood. so we worked with a local incubator, and business resource organiza
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think we figured this out now. we have gordon back. i apologize for the technology glitch there, gordon. >> glad to be back. >> the impact that regulations are having, we are still trying to get our arms around dodd-frank. they haven't completed it. they say they will by the end of the year. what is your assessment and the impact it'll have on your business? >> well, the dodd-frank and voccer won't have a significant impact other than trading businesses. we have one business that could be impacted depending on how the rules are written and how they are applied to foreign organizations. so it is not material. it's not overly significant. but it could potentially have an impact in terms of structure of some of our businesses. in terms of the implications of some of the dod -- that's mainly voccer. dodd-frank, impact on retail won't have much impact. financial holding companies rules will have a bit of impact but buecause we are overcapitalized, we hold our position. >> bet are than half is retail banking. td reported it is closing branches and it has been closing and merge be u.s. and can
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and other technological tools that you might need but i do hope that that makes it into a response. and to the recommendations, just to put it down formally because it is an important part of the system that we have in the city to respond to substandard housing. >> thank you, >> thank you. >> and i believe that commissioner. >> we fully discussed. and so... >> and so commissioners. >> my apologies. >> how could you forget me? >> my name is drake gardener and i am a development consultant and a design consultant and we participate in the commission and we would like to address the issue of pointing a permanent director as soon as possible. we feel that, that that is, urgent. and that this group is running the department now has been a tremendous job. and they are working with the community, and to establish policies that you know, are working and they are dealing with these issues that the grand jury has brought up and they have been for years now. and they are making great process, and one of the biggest things that they have done is get the planning department involved with this g
to thank our sf thank you and today sports 6 hundred members of our technology companies that point to experience not only the use of technology but also express their compassion for the city in giving back to a city that's helped them be successful. today, we have four very special sponsors and thank you for keeping your rates down. sprint for keeping us communicated prima facia. and virgin mobile and assurance wireless. their not only sponsors here but have brought anti volunteers and every time we get those opportunities you know what it's like first year perhaps for the first time looking somebody in the eye and saying i care about where you're going and i don't want you to necessarily live the rough-and-tumble street life. get some she felt and food and take a moment and think about what's happening next week. we care about your background. we know there may not be other supporters in your life. we care about you a because we know about life and want to share >> compassion in san francisco. this is what project homeless is all about and hopefully with that opportunity somethin
with the history of the health data initiative launched by then the hhs health and human services chief technology officer todd park, we sought to have a health data palooza proceeded by health data jambs or modeling sessions, jams sounded more fun, we can invite entrepreneurs in and see what can be done and created real products within a few months. that is being rolled out at education, energy, treasury, u.s. aid, other agencies as well. these programs are celebrating the use of open data and hopefully will provide some additional support. i think there are even folks here who have been part of these events. we're excited for that continued support and hope you can all join this initiative in the neutral. -- future. >> so, earlier you were talking a little about kind of how san francisco came in in terms of actually ading the officer. more broadly how do you think san francisco compares and what are some of the other cities that are doing really well in terms of open data? >> i should be clear. when san francisco is third, we have a pact. i'll add to that actually. what's great in san francisco
shinzo abe wants. he's visiting gulf states to sell them japanese nuclear technology. he wants the reactors at home back working and to build more. his supporters say it's an economic and strategic necessity. >> translator: both china and south korea are building many new nuclear power plants and trying to export the technology. it's inferior to japanese technology. we need to export it. >> reporter: he says japan can market itself as learning from its mistakes, but others say the discovery at fukushima daiichi of new radiation leaks will turn many japanese against nuclear power again. >> these power plants are sort of leaking like sifs, if you like. that, i think, is, in fact, shocking people again into rethinking their rethought positions. public opinion is really very, very fragile. >> reporter: the japanese economy is fragile, too. fossil fueled imported to replace nuclear power cost japan $40 billion a year. the japanese have to decide which is more expensive, fixing their damaged nuclear industry or living without it. anita mcnaught,al jazeera, tokes yo. >>> a quick remin
of your finger how technology changes the way we all invest. next. charles: if we have convinced you of anything it is never too late to new may get your market. you can maximize your savings and to find stocks online we have the vice president of the trading experience at scottrade. welcome to the show. with let's talk about the state of trading right now is main street starting to filter back in? >> we believe they are. we have seen a 300 percent increase since 2009 trading levels have picked up in the most interesting part between 18 and 24 year olds are now the bigger client base. charles: are they buying stocks? do they buy the things like the facebook it is? >> they are different with the tools of one be provide access for the research for whatever types of stock or etfs for mutual fund that they want we see a variety across the board. charles: it is not important to you what they buy but how often they trade? obviously you make money but at some point it could backfire because that is what happens during the last market boom could that be a problem? >> absolutely. a great poin
-- a google technology speaker. but it's a misnomer. he really talks about technology, not necessarily from google's perspective, but how technology is changing the word. ~ world. he is fascinating to talk about what our kids know and know what to do as opposed to all of us. so, he was engaging. he was very, very entertaining. and we hope to provide a video of what he talked about to all of us here. >> and i know commissioner mendoza wants to give a report. i just also want to adi heard from the leadership of our union today that they were very happy with the presentation today. they thought it was really interesting and really well put together. so, i wanted to just pass that along because i think that's important to know. so, well done. congratulations. commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. so, there were a couple of shout outs i wanted to give, too, on a lot of the training that's been happening over the course of the week. you guys have been extremely busy. the project management training that was put on earlier this week was fantastic. i also went to the ipad boot camp as we're launching
caught flat footed with the changes, with globalization and technology. we didn't have a policy, and so all these minorities in cities, particularly, are left without jobs. he dieded, by the way, going, striking with garbage workers when he died. neil: that's right. >> he cares for average workers who in the new economy, we're caught flat footed, and so on an optimistic note, we believe in empowerment, not just a question of government spending -- >> support school choice then? >> how can we go to a new economy that's not simply low wage with the jobs that don't pay -- neil: all right, guys, i think we conclude here that at least begin our track record, the government's record on solving, it's failed. maybe it's time to reprioritize, and you offer good ideas in that regard. gentlemen, thank you. meanwhile, half a trillion dollar fine for bad bet curtesy of u.s. governments with a wale singling out an investment bank of losing money because in the end the firm made money. the government punishing it now is good at losing. ♪ and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media
nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. connell: "markets now" back with a pretty interesting topic. the performance of ceos. these are depressing numbers, 40% of the nation's best paid chief executives and up as failures. over the past two decades. fired, run fraudulent companies, whatever it may be. we bring in former chairman at goldman sachs and now a chairman at the harvard business school. that sounds very high, 40% failure rate. >> it says a lot about the financial crisis we went through an '08, '09. a lot of the highly paid ceos were financial services firms and many of them failed, as we know, and were overleveraged. i think the lesson of this is not lost on companies and corporate boards in that bottom-line profitability to judge ceo comp, yo you're lookig at it narrowly, you have to look at the leverage and how much risk the company is taking on the balance sheet. you have to look at other factors in terms of building a franchise, ma
are showing you the conditions with our cell technology. dick, how is it looking? >> good morning, i am stopped right now ready to get on the san rafael bridge at 580. you are sighing the cars coming off of the san rafael richmond bridge bunching up there on the off-ramp the sir francis drake boulevard off-ramp the connection from 580 to southbound 101. these people will be headed over the golden gate bridge headed into san francisco so we have a backup beyond san quentin. eric and kristen? this will be a cop provide of trucks during peak commute hours and a pleasanton company is moving more than 6,000 truckloads of asphalt to pave the new bay bridge and could be congested so caltran will monitor traffic at the command center and can reroute the convoy. the trucks are diverted back to interstate 880 and highway 38 overnight. we will bring you briefings two times each day, and we will be live on monday with the chain cutting ceremony and you on twitter will know the moment the new bridge opens. >> dick shows up a very important view of what it is like getting off 580 westbound to make th
. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> it is time -- it is time for the "lightning round" on lightning round. josh in new york, josh? >> caller: hey, jim, how's it going? boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i have a question about the most wildly successful stock i bought in a while, questcor, qcor? do you think it's looking up in the future and going to keep skyrocketing like it is today? >> this is a stock that got slammed by the shorts. they drove it down to the 20s, tested my patience with it, tested my mettle. my mettle failed. i got this wrong, it came all the way back, i should have never wavered, it's had a big run, it's not up to me anymore. i called this one wrong. and i put a light to the fact that i got it wrong because i wavered when i should have been tel
to caution that implementing transit signal priority technology can be both a good and bad thing. in chinatown over the last 36 years we found that we always try to reach a balance with the different uses. and if buses always get priority it would create gridlock again. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i was given the privilege of speaking out of order so i'm not the person whose name appears after chin. i'm michael and i live on libl street. i'm an immigrant from the northeast coast. i had the privilege of living in the areas of europe market and the area between russian and knob hill i guess it's the extended chinatown and on the windy hilly part of the valley and had experience working with the same organization with muni and was involved with the planning staff. one quick comment it seems like we're getting questions today an individual proposals as well as some of the general proposals that maybe are couched in terms of the eir itself. in terms of the bus bulks i want to argue them with the previous speakers but i presume the eir authors take into account and look
. >> never know what i might do. >> coming up next how ford is using new technology to change the way it makes cars. brian gets a firsthand look at 3d printing. billionaire entrepreneur owner of the cleveland cavs and detroit native dan gilbert with us. first how ford is using innovation to bring jobs back to detroit. we'll talk to executive vice president mark fields next on a special edition of "morning joe." we're here at the university of colorado with master griller and pro-tailgater, matt connor who's secretly serving steaks from walmart. it's a steak over! dude, it's so good. it's juicy. it's nice and tender. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium steak. all these steaks are from walmart. oh my gosh! top ten most tender steaks i've had. i'm going to start buying meat at walmart. walmart's prices are so low you could have steak at every game. it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed. try it. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] ...office space. yes, we're loving this communal sea
to new technology. that means huge amounts of money will flow into very poor countries. in fact, all 12 of these african nations are projected to the major oil fires -- players, currently in the bottom half of the u.n.'s human development index. these new exports could inject $3 trillion into their economies. they had a combined gdp in 2011 of just $181 billion. what effect might then have? history tells us it could mean bad news for the people of those countries. that is because when countries suddenly discover a viable resource and receive an influx of cash, they succumb to what is known as the resource curse, wealth inequality surging, corruption running rampant, and democratic institutions and quality of life breaking down. perhaps it is worth noting that of all the developing nations that are now receiving a majority of their earnings from oil and gas, not a single one has a functioning democracy. why does this happen? to answer that question, i was joined earlier by an adjunct professor at georgetown university and the founder of the democracy and conflict research institute. i st
if they are not aer what of the technology, they -- if they're not aware of the technology, they would never know what their options are. >> reporter: if you have the option to work at home, you have the opportunity for much less stress. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> like we said, lucky to work from home. some people lucky enough to call treasure island, yerba buena island home. paul deanno is out here with me on the island with tonight's weather as the fog moves in. >> reporter: tell you what allen, it's a windy treasure island. you know, that's the big change from the norm. they had to take elements in mind when they designed this thing. the roadbed stretches a couple of miles and it is very thin almost like an airplane wing. as a matter of fact, engineers describe it as such. so what they have to do is they installed these things called wind vortex shutters under the roadbed. what that does it breaks up the wind and doesn't allow it to get in sync with the bridge because if that happens, the bridges have a history of moving up and down a little bit and if you're an engineer building a br
the workers. -- >> we apologize for the audio here. we are using the technology to bring that to you and obviously having issues with that. we know from caltrans that the closure went just fine with no problems to report. they are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible. >> in 1963, hundreds of thousands marched on washington for equality and freedom in the civil rights movement. here's a look at what it looks like then and today. the crowds gathered around the reflecting pool 50 years later. they celebrate remarkable progress. news reporter bradley was there. >> let freedom ring. >> half a century later on the same spot where dr. martin luther king delivered the speech, his daughter couldn't help but see who was there with him. >> today we have been honored to have three presidents of the united states. 50 years ago the president did not attend. >> now the president is an african-american. >> because of a march, america became more free and more fair. america changed for you and for me. >> moments before the president spoke, bells rang out across the u.s. to commemorate t
. >> to the finalists? >> well, we did basingeded the questions on management, leadership and technology and educating the community and out reach and building and fostering relationships. >> and how about the from the ten to the 7? >> those are just the candidates that we felt interviewed the strongest had the most similar experience, to san francisco, had done adequate research, were familiar with your issues and challenges and how it relates to their current position and why they would be a good fit for you. >> okay. >> commissioner walker? >> i am sure that we will see this in more depth, but did we get a response from like all over the country? >> you did. >> good. >> and that is reflected in the 7 finalists as well? >> yes. >> okay. >> however, they all have western region experience as well. >> commissioners? >> well, i think that... >> are we finished? >> go ahead. >> well, i just i think that i was just going to say that it was really helpful to speak with you. i think that all of us were able to sort of discuss our history, our priorities, and i think that i am really heartened that we had s
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